Giovanni Di Pino

Giovanni Di Pino is MD/PhD, Neurologist, Assistant Professor of Human Physiology and Head of the “NeXT: Neurophysiology and Neuroengineering of Human-Technology Interaction” Research Unit at Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome His current fields of interest regard clinical neurophysiology and bio-engineering and all the possible matches. He is primarily involved in developing interfaces to control sensorized cybernetic prostheses and to improve bioelectronic hybridity, with particular attention to related brain plasticity, investigating which features in an artificial limb favor its embodiment and developing novel methods for noninvasive neuromodulation in health and disease.
He received the Medical Degree (cum laude and honour mention) in 2003 at Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome and the PhD in Biomedical Engineering in 2010, Master thesis on “Bidirectional peripheral-nerves interfaces for hand prosthesis control” (mark 100/100). He is European Research Council Starting Grant 2015 grantee with the project RESHAPE: REstoring the Self with embodiable HAnd ProsthesEs. He is P.I. of ENABLE: Empowering Novel Augmentation Body Limb Embodiment. Procedura per l’attuazione dell’intervento FARE Ricerca in Italia: Framework per l’attrazione ed il rafforzamento delle eccellenze per la Ricerca in Italia. He is co-P.I. of PDMeter – Daily at-home follow-up of Parkinson’s Disease patients motor performance through robotic and portable devices Bando 2011 Ricerca Finalizzata e Giovani Ricercatori, funded by the Italian Ministry of Health and PCR 1/2: Nuove metodiche, nel trattamento delle amputazioni di arto, finalizzate all’applicazione di protesi bioniche” funded by the Italian Workers Compensation Authority (INAIL). He is involved in “PPR AS 1/3: Evoluzione di un sistema impiantabile per il controllo della protesi di arto superiore con interfacce neurali invasive, con interfacce wireless” funded by the Italian Workers Compensation Authority (INAIL) He actively contributed to several EU-funded (Neurobotics, CYBERHAND, TIME, EVRYON TACT, IM-CLEVER) and national projects the follow scientific projects.