INAIL, (National Institute for Insurance against Workplace Accidents and Occupational Diseases) has always fulfilled its institutional purposes with great attention to the human and social aspects that characterise the particular conditions of people who suffer a negative event at work. One of the most traumatic events that can happen to an individual is surely the amputation of one or more limbs or a medullary lesion. Thanks to a strong, social-based corporate culture, Inail has been able to initiate and consolidate, over time, a significant project aimed at the rehabilitation of injured workers. This philosophy has found its maximum expression in the Centro Protesi Inail; a facility that since 1961 has dealt with the rehabilitation of injured workers by considering the individuals in their entirety, from both a functional and psychosocial point of view, and focusing on the skills and resources of each individual. This is why, the Centre for the experimentation and application of prostheses and orthopaedic devices of Vigoro di Budrio is a unique institution that combines rehabilitation activities and training for the use of orthopaedic devices with the creation of personalised and technologically advanced prosthetics.
The Centro Protesi Inail of Vigorso di Budrio features a technical component for the construction of prostheses, personalised orthopaedic assistive devices, a healthcare component with functional rehabilitation and hospitalisation and psychological and social support, in addition to the services that integrate the prosthetic- rehabilitation treatment: mobility with vehicles and special licences, professional guidance, sports. The most up-to-date knowledge of technical orthopaedics is applied while the patient is treated from a technical, healthcare and psychosocial point of view, making this an almost exclusive domestic and international institution. Individuals are considered in their entirety in order to enhance their skills and the resources aiming at the highest possible level of autonomy. This method aims to concretely fulfil the patients’ opportunities for reintegration into the world of work, the family and social life in general.
In order to meet the needs of its customers, INAIL has developed a territorial decentralisation plan for Centro Protesi Inail services. This project led to the opening of a first branch in Rome, a branch in Lamezia Terme and some Assistance Centres for consultations and the supply of assistive devices in Rome, Milan, Venice, Naples and Bari. The goal is to create a network of facilities evenly distributed across the country to bring the services to the injured patients, making them more accessible and have a positive impact on their quality of life.
According to (Italian) Presidential Decree No 782/84, the INAIL Prosthesis Centre carries out significant
experimentation and applied research activities, aimed at transferring innovation to prosthesis implementation processes, and improving the comfort, adaptability, cosmetics and functionality of the orthopaedic assistive device, thus allowing a more appropriate use for the patient to achieve autonomy. The technicalscientific commission provided for by (Italian) Presidential Decree No 782/84 and chaired by INAIL’s Director-General is responsible for approving the three-year research plan.

Main tasks in DeTOP
Integration Activities WP7 and Clinical Implantation and Assessment WP8.