Integrum AB

Integrum was the first company to provide bone-anchored prostheses bases on the concept of osseointegration (OPRA Implant System). Integrum is currently both market and tehcnology leader in the field of osseointegrated prosthesis, as well as prosthetic components for osseointegrated prosthesis. Integrum is currently supplying its technology to several contries in Europe, as well as in Australia, Chile, and from 2015 in the USA. Integrum’s implant system have improved the quality of life for persons with amputation since 1990, and its technology has been proven in several clinical scientific studies. Over 400 patients have been treated with Integrum’s osseointegrated prostheses around the globe. Several benefits have been proven such as increased prosthetic use, better mobility and improved quality of life.

Main tasks in DeTOP
Work package leader for the OHMG-TR development (WP3); Simultaneous and Proportional contro of individual DoFs (WP4); Work package leader for integration activities (WP7); Experimental design for clinical assessment (WP8); Communication, dissemination and exploitation OHMG-TR technology (WP9).


Max Ortiz Catalan
Research Director
Marta Björnsdóttir
Mechanical Engineer
Enzo Mastinu
PhD Student
Jason Millenaar
Biomedical Engineer