Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna

The Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna is a public University located in Pisa, Italy. Its mission is to provide excellent education at graduate, doctoral and post-doctoral level, and to perform excellence research, in the fields of engineering, medicine, agriculture, economics, law and political science.

The BioRobotics Institute was specifically created to better host the research activities of SSSA, at the cutting edge of the most important sectors of technological innovation, with a surface of 6,300 square meters and world-class facilities for design and (micro)fabrication, as well as for educational activities. The Institute was formally established in 2011 and it gathers the experience of more than 20 years of research carried out by the ARTS and CRIM Labs, founded by Prof. Paolo Dario. The BioRobotics Institute has a strong tendency toward integrating heterogeneous bodies of knowledge, of both a scientific and humanistic nature, in order to study the theoretical and practical problems associated with the development of advanced robotic systems.

The Artificial Hands Area is one of the 8 Areas of the BioRobotics Institute. It involves 20 researchers and conducts research into mechatronics and human-machine interfaces for advanced robotic limbs to be used as thought-controlled prostheses. Current research topics include upper-limb prosthetics, robotic hands and dexterous grasping, non-invasive human machine interfaces for the physiological control of prehension, robust artificial tactile sensors, wearable sensory feedback devices, closed loop control prosthetics. In addition to DeTOP, this group hosts the research activities of an ERC Starting Grant.

Main tasks in DeTOP
Scientific coordination, project management (WP1), development of: artificial wrist (WP2), mechatronic couplers (WP2), artificial sensors for hand/wrist prosthesis (WP2), control algorithms (WP4), user assessment tools (WP5), Miniature processing and communication node and network requirements (WP6).


Christian Cipriani
Coordinator of DeTOP
Marco Controzzi
Assistant Professor, Project Manager
Andrea Mannini
Assistant Professor
Leonardo Cappello
Post-doc fellow
Michele Bacchereti
Senior Engineer
Itzel Jared Rodriguez Martinez
PhD Student
Leonard Engels
PhD Student